Video from Last Time

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WARNING: This is a 57 minute video and is quite large. Once you press the play button, it may take quite a long time to play, depending on your Internet connection speed. Please do not try this via a smartphone.

Ghana Video

Lagoon Lodge Ghana

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Check out Lagoon Lodge Ghana on facebook:


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Don’t forget the pepto-bismal tablets and start eating yogurt a week before we leave.


recommended reading

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Product Details I strongly recommend this book.  Part of it takes place in Elmina Castle

Copper Sun by Sharon Draper is another book you may want to read.

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Getting Ready Again!

There is so much to do before we go.  At our first meeting, we will fill out the VISA forms and I will get those in the mail.  So, please remember to bring your passports and your immunization records.  Write down all of your questions as you think of them so we can answer them as we go along.

Ladies, you will need to wear dresses when you go into the schools and when you do a workshop for the teachers.  I am also trying to arrange that you sit in on a few classes at the University of Education, Winneba.  I don’t know what the dresscode is there.  Sean, long pants for you.   In the past, we’ve taken the clothes over and left them in Ghana.  I’ve already been to Goodwill and bought 5 dresses to take with me.

Student Blogs

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Be sure to check out the blogs of students on the trip. So far, Christina Ferber has started her journal of experiences in Ghana. Read it at: (also linked at right).

Photos from Ghana

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Another message from Dr. Houff

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Greetings from Winneba, Ghana.  We are here during the winter rainy season and it is HOT!

The students from UMW are doing a fantastic job.  These 9 ladies have paid to come here and work – and they have worked hard.  They have provided teacher and student training in the format of workshops and whole group activities.  They have taught reading strategies, games, and songs.
Yesterday we traveled to Cape Coast and visited the slave trading fort of Elmina.  It was a very powerful and moving experience.

Next week they will go into individual classrooms and work with a teacher and his or her students.

Thse students are fine examples of what a quality teacher education program the University of Mary Washington has.

This just in….

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Received this message from Dr. Houff today:

Greetings from Winneba, Ghana.  We are so proud of our students!  Not only have they taken 2 weeks to spend their summer in Winneba but they have paid to come over here and work.  They are demonstrating what a successful teacher education program UMW has.  They have definitely made the transition from students to teachers.

It is hot and we are having the winter rainy season right now.  Everybody is taking their malaria pills and watching the goats.

Ghana Blogging Support

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Hello, Ghana gang! I am wishing you a great trip filled with wonder and rich educational experiences. I will be happy to support your chronicling of the trip here at UMWBlogs. Feel free to call on me via comment here or email. Happy trails to you!

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